Red Truck Beer Company

Lighting Designer Addie Smith of AE Design selected RISE and TROV to illuminate Red Truck Beer Company, located in Fort Collins, Colorado. RISE and TROV are used to light the 30’ high vaulted ceiling as accent lighting for the showroom’s iconic red trucks, as well as indirect lighting for general illumination throughout the space. The combination of products was selected for simplified installation and how well they matched the industrial aesthetic of the brewery.

RISE multi-head fixtures allowed for multiple units to be mounted from a single point for ease of installation and aiming. The precise beam control brilliantly illuminates the large red trucks on the showroom floor while minimizing any glare as patrons pass through the foyer. TROV runs along the back wall of the building and not only uplights the space but also grazes the beams while the corrugated metal brings the texture to life. The performance of TROV accomplished both beauty and utility from a single form factor and RISE’s mounting and multi-brackets were fundamental in completing the project. RISE and TROV together provided powerful light with consistent color quality and binning, turning this space into the perfect hospitality environment.

TROV L50-I-48-12-27-90-MULT-9x29
TROV L35-I-48-12-27-90-MULT-120
RISE F170-1S-HO-27-9-15-W-H-B
RISE F170-2H-HO-27-9-10-W-H-C
RISE F170-2H-MO-30-80-20-W-H-C

Fort Collins, CO

Lighting Design
Addie Smith, AE Design

Sam Koerbel, Koerbel Photography