1144 Fifteenth Street

1144 Fifteenth is the first forty-story high, Class A office tower located in Denver, Colorado. TROV L35 and TROV L50 were used as cove and grazing treatments to illuminate the wooden walls and the interior ceiling of 1144’s lobby. TROV L35 was used as cove lighting and TROV L50 elegantly grazes up the wooden wall. The cohesion of the two TROV models produces a beautiful mixture which makes the space glow. TROV’s flexibility provides the freedom to choose from multiple color temperatures, optics, and light output solutions within a single specification. One form factor can be applied to many applications and multiple locations that fulfill different needs.

In this case, the interior floor’s shallow concrete slabs would not allow for a traditional recessed linear in-grade to be installed. TROV’s low profile allowed Lighting Design Alliance to detail out a small channel for TROV’s linear aesthetic and make adjustments to use the tight beam and graze up the angled wall. A polycarbonate lens was then fabricated to lay flush with the channel and conceal the light source, protecting it from dust and moisture on the floor. TROV ensured great color quality and consistency throughout the space, providing general ambient light on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

TROV – L35-I-48-08-27-80-MULT-120 and

Denver, CO

Lighting Design
Lighting Design Alliance, Los Angeles, CA

Sam Koerbel, Koerbel Photography