Center for Health & Wellbeing

Taking an innovative, holistic approach to preventative care, the Center for Health & Wellbeing in Winter Park, Florida, integrates fitness and wellness into a clinical medical care setting. Accordingly, its design by Duda Paine Architects draws on the rejuvenating power of nature, from garden spaces circling the site to a reliance on natural materials and sunlight throughout the building.

The architectural wow moment comes as one enters the building’s central Commons, where a paneled wood ceiling stretches out dramatically in an undulating wave pattern across the entire 16,000 sq. ft. expanse. Illuminating this feature required a twofold approach of highlighting the ceiling’s wave-like dimensionality when viewed from lower floors, while also ensuring the curved profile is visible through windows from the building exterior. To accomplish these dual goals, lighting designer Cline Bettridge Bernstein employed a broad assortment of optics and aiming angles from TROV L50 luminaires mounted on parapets and girts below the ceiling. The design netted CBB the esteemed 2020 IES Illumination Award Special Citation and 2020 IES Award of Merit. And the effect is both calming and energizing, making the lighting—for a space that places wellness at its fore—perfectly on brand.

TROV L50-I-48/12-12-30-80-MULT-9X9
TROV L50-I-48/12-12-30-80-MULT-70X70
TROV L50-I-48/12-08-30-80-MULT-25X45
TROV L50-I-48/12-08-30-80-MULT-40X60
TROV L50-I-48/12-06-30-80-MULT-ASYM

Winter Park, FL

Lighting Design
Cline Bettridge Bernstein

Robert Benson Photography

2020 IES Illumination Award for Interior Lighting – Special Citation for Enhancing a Strong Architectural Form
2020 IES Illumination Award of Merit