Ac Hotel Miraflores By Marriot International

The Miraflores neighborhood on the green coast of Lima, Peru is famous for its breathtaking oceanfront views. For the front façade of the AC Hotel Miraflores by Marriott International, lighting designer Rie Sakata envisioned another beautiful sight: Nearly one hundred and forty TROV L50 models perfectly framing the hotel exterior.

The TROV models, utilized in both the 48” and the 12” options, indirectly highlight the special architectural detail of the sea-facing building. The subtle and harmonious lighting allows the hotel to stand out from its gorgeous surroundings without ever being invasive. Sakata sought a perfect line of soft light, but also wanted a solution with minimal dimensions, so as to blend seamlessly into the glazed surface of the architecture. The TROV L50 is the only luminaire that could so precisely fit the bill, and the detailed result is striking and memorable.

TROV L50-E-48-06-30-80-MULT-LOL. Linear TROV 50mm, Exterior, 48in, 6W/LF, 3000K, 80 CRI, M-Volt, Line-of-Light
TROV L50-E-12-06-30-80-MULT-LOL. Linear TROV 50mm, Exterior, 12in, 6W/LF, 3000K, 80 CRI, M-Volt, Line-of-Light

Lima, Perú

Lighting Design
Rie Sakata, Rie Sakata Lighting Designers Studio, Lima, Perú


CAD Documentation
Arq. Natalia Távara, Arq. Sabrina Mandel, @LED-LS PERU SAC

Installation and Supervision of Work On-site
Roberto Cortez, @LED-LS PERU SAC