Granite Trust Building

Granite Trust Building, located in Quincy, Massachusetts was designed in 1929 and added to the National Historic Register. The Granite Trust Building lighting project was designed & completed during a scheduled façade cleaning and required several plug and play samples for specific mounting conditions and lighting techniques. Unfortunately, the entire building façade was not part of the scope, due to building access constraints and board approval. Lighting designers faced installation challenges from limited building access at this historic site. Lana Nathe, designer at Light Insight Design Studio, selected TROV and RISE fixtures because of their specific beam angles and quick lead times.

These high output beam angles shine light on this historic site that can be seen over 10 miles away. TROV L50 and RISE F080 models illuminate the strict verticals of the roof pilings in an elegant way. The RISE F080 Duo used two independently aim-able heads, but only one electrical connection which saved time and money during the installation. Three different RISE optics were used, including a unique elliptical 60°x15° and 30°x60° to wash large rectangular areas. The exterior TROV high output with 25°x25° medium graze optics were specified to evenly illuminate the 2-story vertical walls that mount only a few inches off the building exterior. RISE is positioned to light the American flag using an exterior point source elliptical RISE F080 model, which helped turn the Granite Trust Building into a beacon of light.

RISE F170-1S-HO-30-8-E3-K-X-C
RISE F170-2H-HO-35-8-E2-K-H-C
RISE F080-1S-HO-30-8-40-K-X-C
TROV L50-E-Length-12-30-80-MULT-25×25

Quincy, MA

Lighting Design
Lana Nathe, Light Insight Design Studio


Electrical Contractor
Johnson Electric; Walpole