TROV L45/L60 Wall Mount System

The TROV L45 and L60 Wall Mount Arm System allows the fixture to be set back from the wall with 6in, 12in, 18in, and 24in offsets. Wall arms can mount over a 4in round j-box or directly to a wall in up or down lighting applications. The leader cable is concealed in the arm and terminates into a j-box or exits out the side of the canopy to run to a remote j-box. The fixtures are mounted in trays that conceal it from view and are held to the arm with a robust clamping mechanism. Wall arms can be used in continuous run or individual fixture mount configurations.
RAL custom finishes available

TROV L45/L60 Wall Mount System Specifications

  • Robust design that conceals the fixture and louvers
  • Designed for up and down light applications
  • Outdoor rated for IP66 applications
  • Compatible with L45 and L60
  • 1ft and 4ft fixture mounting tray lengths
  • Surface mount or junction box mount
  • Leader cable is hidden inside the arm and can terminate inside a j-box or exit out the side of the canopy