TROV L45/L60 Masking Plate

TROV L45 and L60 Masking Plates are used to conceal the fixture and louvers when the building structure cannot. They come in 12in and 48in lengths as well as 90˚ corners. TROV L45 and L60 fixtures mount directly to the masking plates using stainless steel clips and can be mounted in upright and inverted applications using predrilled mounting holes for easy installation. They are made from an aluminum extrusion to maximize rigidity while maintaining excellent corrosion resistance and are offered in black and white finishes to match the fixtures or can be custom painted. Masking plates can be cut and painted in the field.
RAL custom finishes available

TROV L45/L60 Masking Plate Specifications

  • Conceals fixtures and louvers
  • Extruded aluminum for increased strength
  • Predrilled mounting holes at every 4 inches for #10 hardware
  • Stainless steel mounting clips for secure mounting
  • Outdoor rated for IP66 applications
  • Compatible with L45 and L60
  • For use in upright and inverted applications
  • 1ft and 4ft lengths & 90° coffer and raft corners
  • Field cuttable and paintable

TROV L45/L60 Masking Plate Downloads