TROV Flex Louvers

TROV Flex L09 louvers are snapped onto the mounting extrusion to reduce glare from the fixture. Louvers come in the same 6in length as the fixture segments. There is a full and half louver for the symmetric extrusion and a half louver for the asymmetric extrusion. Half louvers are used when the fixture is only visible from one side, like next to a wall. Full louvers are used when the fixtures are visible from all sides. Louvers are made from black rigid polycarbonate that is UV stabilized for secure attachment to the extrusions that can withstand outdoor environments.

TROV Flex Louvers Specifications

  • Rigid polycarbonate material snaps securely to the extrusions
  • Outdoor rated for IP67 applications
  • Full and half louver for 10×10 and 15×40 optics with symmetric extrusion
  • Half louver for ASYM optic with asymmetric extrusion
  • Optional field cuttable end covers cover any remaining gaps on the end of the extrusion