Top Holiday Gifts for the Insomniac

Not a creature was stirring, not even…well, ok, maybe a little tossing and turning.
Research shows that a restful night’s sleep (and the energetic day that usually follows) is largely dictated by circadian rhythms, our body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Circadian rhythms are both governed and disrupted by light in our environment. When disruption occurs, it doesn’t just affect our sleep however; it has also been linked to a host of disorders and diseases, from depression to diabetes.

This holiday, consider one of these gifts to help the insomniacs on your list get their circadian rhythms back on track:

Of course, well-aligned circadian rhythms don’t start and stop with these gifts. As is usually the case, most health professionals also suggest daily exercise and a healthy diet. So this holiday, consider skipping dessert and taking the family out for a post-meal walk instead. It might just be the best gift you give all year.