RISE: Now Marine-Grade Certified

RISE is the most versatile floodlight on the planet, and it continues to define innovation in performance. The adaptable coating of RISE has recently been certified as a marine-grade finish, and is specifically designed for complete corrosion resistance, even when exposed to the harshest of extreme weather and exterior conditions. RISE has always been resistant to corrosion, and with this new certification adds an even more powerful shield; it can now be confidently installed in coastal applications and areas often ravaged by the salty air of the sea. Near the ocean, everything rusts, but not Rise. There will be no corrosion over the life of the fixture.

This marine-grade finish is composed of an advanced, highly durable Triglycidyl Isocyanurate (TGIC) powder coating, and was subjected to the rigorous Salt Fog Test, ASTM B117 for two hundred continuous hours, as required by UL 1598A to become marine-grade certified.

There is no substitution for the best, and no shortcut while pursuing perfection. Others may claim “extra corrosion resistance,” but they are unable to match the marine-grade finish of RISE because they are unable to pass the stringent testing process. Even fewer may offer a marine-grade finish, but only at a considerable additional fee. With RISE, the sacrifice of excellence is simply not an option, and the marine-grade finish is automatically included in each of the four standard color choices: black, white, bronze, and silver.

Regardless of weather or geography, oceanside or mountaintop, there is no more powerfully resilient floodlight than RISE by Ecosense Lighting.