TROV L45/L60 Indoor Wire Box

The TROV L45 and L60 Wire Box is designed to be used in place of a leader cable to feed power at the beginning of a run. The wire box can be used for applications where code doesn’t allow cabled power feeds or as a tamper proof alternative to cables. 1/2in conduit fittings attach directly to the knockouts on the box, and building wire is to be spliced directly inside the wire box. The wire box contains two separate splicing compartments in order to comply with class 2 wiring requirements.

TROV L45/L60 Indoor Wire Box Specifications

  • Complies with UL and NEC standards
  • Works with 120V to 277V
  • Class 2 divided wiring compartment
  • Male and female end of run terminator caps included
  • Interior use only

TROV L45/L60 Indoor Wire Box Downloads