Rise F080 Field-Interchangeable Lenses

Ecosense offers the widest selection of beam angles with 11 different beam profiles to choose from. These include spot, accent, flood and elliptical options. These lenses are field-interchangeable for quick and easy modifications to the fixture. The selection includes the UNIQUE 5° Laser Spot optic – this is the tightest beam available in the market. 05-Laser Spot (5°) 10-Very Narrow Spot (10°) 15-Narrow Spot (15°) 20-Spot (20°) 40-Flood (40°) 60-Wide Flood (60°) 80-Very Wide Flood (80°) E1-Elliptical 1 (15° x 60°) E2-Elliptical 2 (30° x 60°) E3-Elliptical 3 (60° x 15°) E4-Elliptical 4 (60° x 30°)

Rise F080 Field-Interchangeable Lenses Downloads

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