Ecosense Significantly Grows Product Portfolio And Leads The Industry With Groundbreaking Dimming Technology

Ecosense launches new generation of EcoSpec® linear series, featuring NEW dimming technology and new compatibility with 0-10V dimming

New York, NY, January 30, 2014Ecosense®, a fast-growing manufacturer of high-performance LED technologies, announced a major expansion to their product line. The new product portfolio is the most efficient and configurable range available, designed with the needs and input of the Specification community in mind.

The Ecosense product portfolio includes three significantly upgraded product series – EcoSpec® Linear INT, EcoSpec® Linear HP INT and EcoSpec® Linear HP INT WW. All three series now feature powerful, patent-pending dimming that finally overcomes a long-standing challenge plaguing our industry and hindering more widespread adoption of LED technology. The challenge: smooth, flicker-free dimming down to zero. Using a unique Electronic Low Voltage power-on-board platform, Ecosense products now dim to zero input power and zero lumen output as smoothly and seamlessly as an incandescent light source, making it the best LED dimming system in the market today.

These series have also been expanded to include a full range of reduced wattage options, improving its versatility and meeting the tight requirements for Energy Star®, LEED certification and other energy codes. Efficacies on these series have significantly improved by up to 80%, which translates into substantial energy and cost savings for our customers.

Brand new to the portfolio is the highly sought-after EcoSpec® Linear INT Warm Cove, a slim profile, linear luminaire with integral warming lens that delivers a consistent and warm 2300 CCT, ideal for intimate spaces that require softer ambiance and warmer vibe.

Also new to the EcoSpec line is the Linear Dimming Control Module (LDCM) which converts the standard 0-10V input to ELV allowing all Ecosense products to connect to more control systems.

”With our expanded product range and patented technologies we are better able to meet the needs of Lighting Designers, Building Owners and Specifiers worldwide” says Mark Reynoso, CEO of Ecosense Lighting. “Ecosense luminaires now layer our new dimming technology onto our award-winning platform that leverages our efficient power-on board technology and market leading color consistency for an unbeatable LED solution.”

New Products

  • EcoSpec® Linear INT and Linear INT Low Power:
    • Slim profile, integral brackets with 180° vertical rotation, Energy Star® rated, for interior architectural, hospitality, retail and display applications
  • EcoSpec® Linear INT Warm Cove:
    • Slim profile, integral brackets with 180° vertical rotation, warm CCT for architectural and hospitality applications
  • EcoSpec® Linear HP INT and Linear HP INT Low Power:
    • High performance linear delivers more lumens for large interior cove applications, Energy Star® Rated
  • EcoSpec® Linear HP INT WW and Linear HP INT WW Low Power:
    • Brightest interior linear cove and wall grazing luminaire, beam angles include narrow, medium, wide and elliptical
  • EcoSpec® Linear Dimming Control Module (LDCM):
    • Converts 0-10V dimming signal to an ELV output

About Ecosense Lighting

Founded by a team of long-serving industry experts with proven know-how in the development and best practices of solid-state illumination, Ecosense Lighting provides best-in-class LED lighting solutions for use in architectural applications. The company offers a comprehensive line of high-performance LED fixtures that meet the technical requirements of the most demanding projects while delivering substantial benefits over traditional lighting sources. Ecosense Lighting was established in 2008 and is privately held. Ecosense has established a leadership position in the LED luminaire market, specifically recognized for products with high color quality and color consistency. Its specification-grade products have been deployed in thousands of locations around the world including coveted retail locations such as Burberry stores, marquee buildings such as the historic Science Museum in London and at Tesla Motors to illuminate work stations and show floors. For additional information, visit