Architainment Lighting Partners With Ecosense Lighting For A Hat-­‐Trick Of Burberry’s European Fashion Stores

London, February 2013 – High end fashion house, Burberry, has chosen Ecosense Lighting for a trio of its European retail stores, calling on specialist lighting solutions provider, Architainment Lighting Ltd, to supply best-in‐class LED fixtures.

Architainment worked closely with lighting design consultancy, Office of Light, to help transform Burberry’s Knightsbridge and Regent Street stores in London, and a third in Italy’s fashion capital, Milan. Office of Light was approached to create a lighting scheme that could reflect the contrast of heritage and tradition with innovation and technology – characteristics central to Burberry’s brand identity.

Following a rigorous selection process two fixtures from Ecosense Lighting were selected to light details in each of the retail locations. For Burberry’s flagship store in Regent Street, Architainment supplied over 2000 feet of EcoSpec Linear INT and EcoSpec Linear HP INT, in 120°x120° and 60°x120° beam angles respectively. The 44,000 square feet building is home to sweeping staircases, romantic balconies and hidden coves and corners, and in order to complement this architecture Office of Light demanded the highest quality, energy efficient lighting to create a space where the modern and tradition collide.

Integrated into the store’s interior design, the fixtures were recessed within the cornicing and coving, immersing the many rooms and communal spaces in white light. Directly connected to mains power, with no external drivers or complicated wiring to consider, installation of the both EcoSpec Linear INT and Linear HP INT was easily accomplished, with each “plug and play” unit being connected end to end as required. This simple methodology can speed up time on site and greatly reduce the cost of installation and on-going maintenance.

Following the success of this initial project Architainment went on to supply over 1000 feet of EcoSpec Linear INT for the Knightsbridge and Milan stores. All three of the sites used 1 foot and 4 foot length variations, and were in 3000K colour temperature. Ecosense Lighting employs the most stringent LED binning process across all of their range, which results in minimal visible variation of colour and a 2-step MacAdam Ellipse uniformity from fixture to fixture. This particularly appealed to Office of Light as being ideally suited to the high-end interior retail environment.

Office of Light’s Associate Lighting Designer, Mihaly Bartha, commented on the project: “The quality and consistency of the Ecosense Lighting fixtures proved a perfect fit for all three of the stores, helping to achieve our creative vision for Burberry. Architainment Lighting and Ecosense Lighting offered exceptional, hassle-free support throughout every stage of the project, attending mock-ups and going above and beyond whenever we needed them. They were a pleasure to work with and we are looking forward to collaborating again in the future.”