ERIA Round

The ERIA downlight features proprietary, engineered TIR optics that are completely modular & can be easily changed in the field – without tools – for five different beam spreads: 15, 20, 25, 35, & 45. An accessory holder is also built into the trim to accommodate standard MR-16 lens and filter accessories. Combining proprietary precision optics with industry leading LEDs, the ERIA is an excellent solution for big performance in a small package.
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ERIA Round Specifications

Modular Optics
15° / 20° / 25° / 35° / 45°

CBCP With 15° Optic
10,000 CBCP at 3000K

Adjustable from below the ceiling for easy aiming.

Flexible Dimming
Works with a wide variety of 0-10V and ELV dimmers.

Color Temperature
2700K* / 3000K* / 3500K / 4000K
(*available in >80 CRI or >90 CRI)

Open, Angle, Cut, Pinhole, Slotted

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