Ecosense Launches Slim Cove™ Dim – A Fully-Loaded, Feature-Rich, Dimmable Lighting Solution.

Ecosense Introduces Slim Cove™ Dim

Los Angeles, CA – September 19, 2017 – Today Ecosense announced the launch of Slim Cove™ Dim, a feature-rich, dimmable lighting solution that just happens to come in an elegantly affordable platform. Thoughtfully designed to meet the demands of lighting projects across any budget, Slim Cove™ Dim achieves the perfect balance of quality and value.

“Since we started in 2008, our company ambition has been to dramatically shift expectations on what is believed to be ‘good enough’ today,” said Mark Reynoso, Ecosense’s CEO. “The introduction of Slim Cove™ Dim expands the realm of what’s possible, because greater accessibility to tools equals greater freedom to create. You can and should expect more.”

With Slim Cove™ Dim, you can light any cove at an amazing price point. When value and affordability are the big constraints, this solution is a no-brainer. We squeezed the most into it and out of it so it’s now possible to create freely with high quality light – and zero tradeoffs.

Slim Cove™ Dim comes fully loaded:

  • Low Profile, High Lumens – Smallest line voltage at 400 lumens per foot
  • High Efficacy – Delivering up to 123 lumens per watt
  • Flicker-Free Dimming – Reverse phase technology
  • Multi-Volt – One size fits all (120-277V)
  • Our single bin LED platform delivers consistent, uniform lighting every single time, ensuring that Slim Cove™ Dim’s color matches precisely with other EcoSense products – from fixture to fixture
  • Pairs perfectly with other EcoSense products for seamless integration and full control
  • Delivered On Demand – 2-week delivery times

For more information on Slim Cove™ Dim or any other products in our fully stacked lineup, please visit,