Houston’s First Baptist Church

Lighting designer Sarah Gandy with G2LD selected TROV L50 and RISE F170 to illuminate Houston’s First Baptist Church, located in the downtown district of this iconic Texas city. TROV L50 was chosen to provide the amber glow that surrounds the church’s cross, along with RISE F170 which was used to create the tight lines of light that graze the building’s façade. Sarah Gandy set out to fulfill the church’s request of creating a fresh and interesting environment to attract potential new church members and a younger audience. The design team decided to go with a ‘lines of light’ concept for the façade, which picked up on the new architectural graphics already wrapping the building. After reviewing many fixtures on the market trying to get this effect, Sarah made one phone call to inquire about Ecosense Lighting’s ‘Laser Spot’ RISE fixture. The first samples were delivered to G2LD’s office within two days and the build to order samples arrived within two weeks. This frictionless process allowed Sarah to meet the project timeline requirements and to accomplish the design intent, as she mentioned the RISE five-degree optic was not only “tight and bright”, but the best on the market for this project.

TROV L50-E-length-06-AM-MULT-9×59 – Amber area surrounding the cross
RISE F170-1S-HO-40-8-05-S-F-A – Building façade

Houston, TX

Lighting Design
Sarah Gandy with G2LD

Kirksey Architecture

Dee Zunker Photography