Hotel Royal Macau

Seeing is believing.

When first approached by CLA with RISE, touting a CBCP of 167,560cd at only 38W per fixture, the Hotel Royal specifiers found the numbers hard to believe. Still, they welcomed Ecosense to bid, along with three other manufacturers, for the façade improvements of their 19-story hotel.

Ultimately, RISE beat out the competition, delivering a beautiful, laser-tight light beam with a powerful lumen output and impressive efficacy. The RISE installation was simple and fast, completed in only one week. The hotel now benefits with a more visually appealing façade, using low energy lighting that draws only 836W. Twenty-two RISE F170 units with a 5 Degree Laser Spot Beam, now highlight the structure’s unique architectural features, transforming a previously dull and quiet frontage, into a more powerful and elegant presence.

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RISE F170 – 5 Degree Laser Spot