Hotel Jerome

Lighting designer and IES Annual Conference 2019 Merit Award winner Elise Streeb with LS Group, selected RISE F080 and TROV L50 to illuminate the historical landmark, Hotel Jerome, an Auberge Resort located in Aspen, Colorado. Built in 1880, this hotel is known as the most iconic building in Aspen. Hotel Jerome can be seen from any elevation in town and is the only building in the city with permission to use uplight. Ecosense and LS Group provided a lighting solution that simply enhances this prestigious landmark’s beauty, leaving the architecture unchanged while creatively providing illumination through façade lighting. The combination of RISE F080 and TROV L50 allowed for a seamless and streamlined installation. Using a true warm (2200k) white CCT vs. amber allowed for the building’s brick to render precisely. The RISE F080 and TROV L50 light output and beam angle options allowed LS Group to select exactly what was needed for this project without having to worry about a complex control system.

Building – RISE F080-1S-HO-22-8-E1-S-X-C
Roof Line – TROV L50-E-12-04-22-80-MULT-15×35

Aspen, CO

Lighting Design
Elise Streeb, LS Group

Sam Koerbel

IES Illumination Merit Award Winner