AIA Education

Ecosense partners with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to provide our customers and partners with continuing education credits on topics that interest the industry. Ecosense now offers two AIA and NCQLP accredited presentations:

  • ESL100 – Fundamentals of Cove, Grazing and Backlighting
    A wide variety of options are available to light every space or accent any detail. To choose the right option, it is important to understand a few lighting techniques that can replace or enhance your ambient lighting design. Cove, grazing and backlighting are a few ways to fully light a room or accentuate the architecture. In the following training, you will learn the basic fundamentals of why, when and how to use cove lighting, wall grazing or backlighting in your lighting design.
  • ESL101 – Understanding Asymmetric Beam Angles
    This learning unit provides a general overview of how new technologies allow for greater control of Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures, light quality, and light output. Also, this course defines asymmetrical beams, describes how they are created, and illustrates why LED light is an ideal technology for this new way to project light. Finally this learning unit gives guidelines for mounting and installing asymmetric beam fixtures.

For more information about taking a course, please fill out the form below and your local Ecosense Regional Sales Manager will contact you.

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